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Estimated PlayNexia 3 - Beta Test

Our Dev Team Member got COVID-19. We decided to postpone the launch of PlayNexia 3. Until our team member got better. We are truly sorry for this. Let us pray together for him to get better and overcome the sickness!

Estimated PlayNexia 3 - Official Launch


PlayNexia II -> Migration -> PlayNexia 3

Characters from PlayNexia II that NEVER Online in more than 6 months will be permanently deleted.

Beta Test [EN]

About 1 Month

You can login using PlayNexia II account.

Purpose of Beta Test:
  • Finding Bugs
  • Try out New Server Network
  • Try out New GamePlay

Beta Test Extended [EN]

About 1 Month Extra (If Needed)

If Beta Test still have a lot of bugs, we must extend the Beta Test at least 1-4 weeks. However, if everything goes well, we will do the Official Launch instead.

Purpose of the Extend:
  • Fixing Bugs
  • Fixing Server Network
  • Balance GamePlay

Offical Launch [EN]

1 Week after BETA Finish

Huge Migration of PlayNexia II Characters

Our Plan:
  • Transfer all PlayNexia II Accounts
  • Convert items from PlayNexia II to PlayNexia 3
  • Delete some items that not useful
  • Delete old characters that never online more than 6 months

Beta Test [ID]

Sekitar 1 Bulan

Kamu dapat login menggunakan Account PlayNexia II

Tujuan dari Beta Test:
  • Mencari Bugs
  • Uji coba Server Network baru
  • Uji coba GamePlay baru

Beta Test Extended [ID]

Tambahan 1 Bulan (Jika Dibutuhkan)

Jika masih banyak error / bugs, maka Beta Test akan di perpanjang. Akan tetapi, jika semua sudah lancar, maka akan langsung dilakukan Official Launch.

Tujuan di perpanjang:
  • Memperbaiki Bugs
  • Memperbaiki Server Network
  • Balance GamePlay

Offical Launch [ID]

1 Minggu Setelah BETA Selesai

Migrasi Besar-Besaran Character PlayNexia II

Our Plan:
  • Transfer semua PlayNexia II Accounts
  • Mengubah barang from PlayNexia II to PlayNexia 3
  • Menghapus barang yang tidak berguna
  • Menghapus character lama yang tidak online selama 6 bulan terakhir


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PlayNexia 3

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