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PlayNexia 3 - Beta Test

You are now can register your own character during Beta Test

Estimated PlayNexia 3 - Official Launch

Still Calculating...

PlayNexia II -> Migration -> PlayNexia 3

Characters from PlayNexia II that NEVER Online in more than 6 months will be permanently deleted.

Beta Test [EN]

About 1 Month

You can login using PlayNexia II account.

Purpose of Beta Test:
  • Finding Bugs
  • Try out New Server Network
  • Try out New GamePlay

Beta Test Extended [EN]

About 1 Month Extra (If Needed)

If Beta Test still have a lot of bugs, we must extend the Beta Test at least 1-4 weeks. However, if everything goes well, we will do the Official Launch instead.

Purpose of the Extend:
  • Fixing Bugs
  • Fixing Server Network
  • Balance GamePlay

Offical Launch [EN]

1 Week after BETA Finish

Huge Migration of PlayNexia II Characters

Our Plan:
  • Transfer all PlayNexia II Accounts
  • Convert items from PlayNexia II to PlayNexia 3
  • Delete some items that not useful
  • Delete old characters that never online more than 6 months

Beta Test [ID]

Sekitar 1 Bulan

Kamu dapat login menggunakan Account PlayNexia II

Tujuan dari Beta Test:
  • Mencari Bugs
  • Uji coba Server Network baru
  • Uji coba GamePlay baru

Beta Test Extended [ID]

Tambahan 1 Bulan (Jika Dibutuhkan)

Jika masih banyak error / bugs, maka Beta Test akan di perpanjang. Akan tetapi, jika semua sudah lancar, maka akan langsung dilakukan Official Launch.

Tujuan di perpanjang:
  • Memperbaiki Bugs
  • Memperbaiki Server Network
  • Balance GamePlay

Offical Launch [ID]

1 Minggu Setelah BETA Selesai

Migrasi Besar-Besaran Character PlayNexia II

Our Plan:
  • Transfer semua PlayNexia II Accounts
  • Mengubah barang from PlayNexia II to PlayNexia 3
  • Menghapus barang yang tidak berguna
  • Menghapus character lama yang tidak online selama 6 bulan terakhir


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